Grundisburgh Brass Band

The earliest known press report is the Suffolk Standard of August 1892, when the band played at a local show. In June 1893 they played at an open-air concert in the grounds of Grundisburgh Hall, and it was reported that “The programme was interspersed with items by the Grundisburgh Brass band, which shows considerable improvement since last year”  Evidently the reporter wasn’t a fan!

Later that year, at a formal sit-down tea, it was reported that the band had 23 members, and the conductor, G. Walter Blackmore, ( the village schoolmaster), and the bandmaster, Richard H Gladwell, were both presented with inscribed marble clocks, so the band must have been going longer than so far confirmed.

In September 1892 it played at a Sale of Work at Grundisburgh House, in July 1894 and also in 1896 is entertained visitors to the Wherstead and Belstead Cottagers’ Show. July 1898 saw the band in action at the Clopton Flower Show and also the Witnesham Cottagers’ Show. In February 1900 is gave a concert for the “Absent-minded Beggar Fund“, raising £6 – this fund had been set up by the Daily Mail, using the popular poem by Rudyard Kipling as a focus for charitable fundraising during the Boer War. The band was still active after WW1.

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One Response to Grundisburgh Brass Band

  1. Wendy Garrad says:

    Is there a list of names of people who have played in Grundisburgh Brass Band from its start? I would be keen to know if any of my relatives played, as the Dunnetts have lived and worked in the village for many many years.

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