Illinois Band?

Jack Jones’ great grandfather was a member of the band below. He has very little information about him other than he was born about 1874 in Indiana, lived in Illinois and died in 1913.  There are no clues in the picture and, sadly, this is often the case with old pictures, nothing written on the face or back. Nevertheless it is a splendid picture. Two members, in the centre, appear to have chevrons on their sleeves – one is probably the bandmaster/band sergeant.

Unknown band from Illinois?

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One Response to Illinois Band?

  1. Jack Jones says:

    I have just came across some more information regarding this photo. It turns out my mother was wrong and my great grandfather from Illinois is not in this picture. The picture is from the other side of the family, from Scotland. My great grandfather Alexander Malcolm is in this photo. He was born in Wick, Scotland in 1877. In 1900 he was living in Edinburgh, moved to Aberdeen until 1911 and then moved to the U.S.

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