Alliance City Band (Ohio)

Paul Hobe has written a history of the Alliance City Band.

This paper describes much of the history of the band from its founding in 1858, before the Civil War, until its ending in 1992.

The first section, which follows an introduction and discussion of research methods, is a set of questions about major aspects of the organization’s story. The questions involve early performances, funding, directors, the Rinkendorf years, and why the band ceased to exist.
The second section is a year-by-year timeline from 1859 until 1992. Though rather detailed, it provides many examples of band performances, concert venues, funding, uniforms, and directors and gives an insight into the role of the Alliance City Band in the political, cultural, business and patriotic life of the City of Alliance, Ohio. This section includes three sample programs that were presented by the band and mentions of various soloists during particular periods of the band’s existence. Several other bands in the Alliance area are also mentioned.
The third section is a preAllianceCB1sentation of several pictures, many of which are formal pictures of the band, possibly in their new uniforms at the time. A description of the uniforms and stories associated with those uniforms is presented when appropriate information was available. The reader could possibly get an interesting history from the various commentaries that follow each picture. Members’ names are provided for the last two (1961 and 1976) formal pictures.

Paul is continuing his research into the history of Stark County, Ohio, with particular interest in the regimental bands of the area. He can be contacted at

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