Earby Brass Band History

A new book – The History of Earby Brass Band – has been written by Stephanie Carter. Copies are available from Earby & District Local History Society (£10 + £3.50 p&p) – email info@earbyhistory.co.uk for details.

Earby Brass Band can be traced back to c.1847, and this book records the history of the band and it’s players from then until the present day. It has lots of photos to chart the band over years.

book launch Band book 2018 poster (1)From Stephanie Carter’s preface: “I hope this short history of the band to recount some of the triumphs, achievements and frequent contest successes of former days and to document a whole range of accomplished performances down the years. As in all aspects of life there have been high and low times but Earby Band has long been a showcase for talent both young and old from families with a long history of performing in brass bands who played not only for their love of music but for the camaraderie of the band family. Earby can claim world class players with legendary status but so many bandsmen have contributed to the enjoyment of many people in the local area and beyond. Earby folk all know or knew of someone, relative or friend who played in the band and it is their legacy and the important they played in preserving the community tradition that is recorded here. We must support the current band and not allow this tradition to wane.”

To contact Earby Band, e-mail earbybrassband@talktalk.net or telephone Tracey Fairhurst on 0781 3609648

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