Brass Bands of the World

Following my historical directory of the brass bands of the British Isles, the companion volume, covering the rest of the world is now available. Again, it is far from complete, even more so given the range and extent of possible research sources for such bands. However, I regard this as a starting point, with over 9,500 bands identified (with some further 2,700 additional cross references for alternative or previous names. In addition, the availability of information, and some language issues, has meant that a fewer number of bands have anything more than basic existence and/or an extant date for them.

Certainly this is not the end of the story – increasing amounts of historical material are available online (digitised newspapers and archives, for example), which will allow more in-depth research for further bands and further details for known ones.

As always, I welcome any information about such bands, which will go towards the next edition.

This document is available for download at

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2 Responses to Brass Bands of the World

  1. Emma Thompson says:

    Hi Gavin,
    I am currently researching the Portland Citizens Brass Band Victoria. First formed as a brass band in 1859, then formerly named as the citizens band in 1888. In your publication of Brass Bands of the world you list a band under the Victoria Australia section as the Portland Citizens/Town Band as 1905, but I believe this may actually be the band located in Portland NSW not Vic. Do you have any information on the Portland Citizens Brass Band Victoria 1859/1888? Otherwise not noted in your book. We pride ourselves in being one of if not the oldest Brass Band in Victoria. Would Love to be able to confirm this.
    Regards, Emma Thompson

    • Gavin Holman says:

      Emma – you are correct – for some reason I put the Town Band as Victoria, rather than NSW. I will correct it in my database and separate the two bands, and ensure the Citizens Band has the right dates! Good luck with your 160th celebrations this year. I don’t have any other information that might help your research at the moment, but I’d sure there must be something in Trove ( about the band. Do let me know if you find anything interesting! All the best, Gavin

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