More rules – Stand Band (Lancashire) 1828

The band was formed in 1828, with Thomas Lee as its leader. It established a set of 16 Articles (rules) that members should abide by, with various monetary forfeits if they did not. Some additional rules were added after the original members signed the document.


To be duly and strictly observed by the Members of the Stand Music Society

Article 1st – that there shall be a meeting of the members of this Society every Saturday evening to begin at seven o’clock, and at any other time the Leader thinks proper for practice.

Article 2nd – that any member not present at seven o’clock shall forfeit the sum of one penny, and at 8, 2 pence, to the club, but if any member absents himself the whole of the night he shall forfeit threepence unless he be prevented by sickness or some other lawful excuse in case he shall send word to the members on or before seven o’clock, at the meeting room, or before seven o’clock at the meeting room, or pay the above mentioned fines.

Article 3rd – that if any member hath any Book or Books belonging to the Society and shall neglect to bring or send them before seven o’clock to the meeting room he shall for every Book forfeit the sum of one penny.

Article 4th – that every member shall contribute one penny each week for the support of this Society in Books, Candles, etc.

Article 5th – that if any member suffers his contributor money and fines to run in arrears four nights he shall pay one penny extra, and one penny extra for every night after till the eight night, and if all arrears are not then paid off, such member shall be excluded all share of benefit of this Society, unless he can give some satisfactory reason to the Committee.

Article 6th – that there shall be five in number chose from out of this Society to act as a Committee, the first 5 shall serve 6 months and then 2 of them shall retire and 2 fresh one elected in their stead, and so on every 6 months.

Article 7th – that there shall be a Treasurer appointed to keep the Money Books etc., in his possession and he shall keep a regular and plain account of every member’s fines and of the whole of the income and expenditure of this Society. Any of the members may inspect his Books to see if the accounts are kept regular and plain.

Article 8th – no books to be bought without the consent of the Committee.

Article 9th – any member using any abusive language to any of this members saying anything that may injure or depreciate his character using any immoral or indecent language, taking God’s name in vain, offering to lay wagers or promoting gaming of any kind whatever in Club room, during Club hours, shall for every such offence forfeit the sum of one penny to the Society.

Article 10th – no member to take any Books from the Club room without acquainting the Treasurer first, in order that he may know where it is should he absent himself the following meeting night, any member taking books without leave shall pay one penny of a forfeit to the Club for every Book.

Article 11th – if at any time more than one half of this Society has an opportunity of hiring themselves to thereof, and if cannot all agree those that goes shall pay to those members who stays away as much as shall make their share equal to one fourth of those that goes.

Article 12th – that there shall be a President chosen whose business it shall be to call to order and if any member raised a dispute, sounds any other of the members instruments or his own betwixt times in any way so as to disturb the peace and order of the meeting and refuse to keep silence, after he has been a second time requested by the President, for every such offence he shall forfeit the sum of one penny to the Club.

Article 13th – any person wishing to become a member of this Society may attend any of the meeting nights and signify his intention to the Society, the Leader, or some other member shall then read over the rules and then if the members are willing to accept him he may, on paying if it be before the 9th of January 1s 3d, but if it be after that time 2s 6d for his entrance become entitled to a share of the books etc., the same as the rest.

Article 14th – should any dispute arise at any time respecting any of the above mentioned fines it shall be put to the Committee and decision shall be final.

Article 15th – that this Society shall not be broken up as long as there is 5 members willing to carry it on, any member withdrawing himself from this Society shall forfeit all claim to the Books or other effects belonging thereunto.

Article 16th – any member refusing to comply with any of the above mentioned articles after having signed his hand thereto, shall forfeit all claims whatever upon this Society. Anyone that’s out of this room 15 minutes during Club hours must forfeit one penny.

We whose names as hereunder mentioned do fully agree to the above mentioned articles. So witness our hand this day.

James Farrar; John Collier; Hiram Riley; John Lomas; Richard Bourton; Jack Foyle; James Melling; William Thornley; Richard Taylor; James Snape; John Alton; James Head; Peter Alton; Thomas Buckley; Thomas Riley; John Kirkman; Arthur Alton; Samuel Holt; John Sandiford; William Lomas; Robert Hilary; Moses Butterworth; Charles Cranshaw; William Davenport; Thomas Lomas; James Hollander; William Booth; Henry Rothmans; Jonathan Prestwich; John Ramsbottom; Charles Entwistle; John ?; Sam ?; John Priest

Rule 17 – any member of this Society striking any of his the other members he shall be fined 2/6d. Should his pupil attack him he shall be fined 1/- and then left to the Leader.

Rule 18 – any member being absent from the body at large 15 minutes, 3d, or 30 minutes, 6d, without the consent of the leader

Rule 19 – that the band walks out every monthly night and at any other time when the majority think proper.

Rule 20 – that if the Chairman does not attend his fine will be double, and when out, fourfold.

Rule 21 – any one upbraiding another person with over playing him and not playing his own part shall be fined for the first offence 1d, and for the 2nd, 3d.

The Committee which was chosen August 2nd 1828 was John Collier, William Thornley, James Taylor, James Melling, John Lomas.

The Committee which was chosen November 1st 1828 was James Melling, John Lomas, Richard Taylor, Nathan ?, Hiram Riley.

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