Band minute books

Band minute books – a forgotten but valuable source of historical information. I am sure many current bands, especially those with long histories, will have minute and account books of their early years, but I suspect that most other bands’ records are long since lost. A few have made their way into local or county archives, but the majority were probably dumped when the bands folded. If you know of any such documents that are orphaned (i.e. not belonging to a current band) I would be interested to hear, if only to see what steps can be taken to preserve them.

Many years ago I acquired two minute books of the Llangollen Town Band. Having recently unearthed them, in the process of digitising other historical band material, I felt they should be returned to the Band as it is still active (unlike most of the other items I have). Llangollen Silver Band, as it is now known, was formed in 1904, succeeding a previous Llangollen Brass Band that was active from the 1850’s to the 1890’s. I don’t have any other information about the band’s history other than what is in the two books, which cover a period from 1925 to the mid-1950’s. The pages have been scanned to pdf files and a copy of the files has been sent with the physical books to the Band. Like most bands, Llangollen enjoyed and suffered the good and bad times, had players who were a challenge and dealt with the day to day issues of obtaining new instruments, maintaining the band premises and finding new and replacement players.



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