Strange and head-scratching

fun10There are some pictures that make you wonder “Eh?” or “Huh?” or “WTF?” (whichever you prefer). For example, this European (possibly German) cornet player is holding a dead duck/chicken? What is the story behind this?






Following on, when our musical director states we are going to be guinea pigs for a new piece he wants to try out, you don’t immediately get a mental image like this below (or do you?). This is at the same time cute but macabre. Sadly the Victorians and Edwardians commonly placed stuffed animals in staged dioramas like this.


Similarly, when the same MD accuses the band of playing like a load of wooden-tops or robots, maybe he isn’t aware that a) researchers have been looking at automating the embouchure for brass instruments [see: “Artificial buzzing lips and brass instruments: Experimental results“], and b) automaton brass players do (or at least did) exist and might do a better job than the flesh and blood versions. Mr Maskelyne obviously made a living out of his two brass playing robots “Fanfare” and “Labial”.


There is always someone who has to go one better than everyone else. He has to have the newer car, the latest tech toys, and so on. In the brass world this manifests itself thus – though how he’s going to get that tuba into the back of a Mini….


I suspect this drum is not a marching drum – or perhaps it is? We are quite often reminded that Americans do things bigger & better (particularly in Texas) so perhaps this is for the use of one of their Texas students?


Finally, these last two defy description – clearly band members, but is it “dress down Friday”? Likely to be costumed for a carnival type event, one hopes this is not their normal appearance!





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