Circus bands

I had some discussions earlier this year with some members of Windjammers – the US Historical Circus Music Society – seeking details of some of their articles on the history of circus bands in the USA. Their journal “Circus Fanfare” is a fascinating repository of information about music old and new and the players and bands of the past. The organisation is also actively involved in recreating and keeping alive the music of the travelling circus and sideshow bands. The photo below is of the Starnes Stock Company Band at St Petersburg, Florida – they were an under-canvas theatrical troupe that carried a band with them, based in Worthington, Indiana, active during the 1913 season.

As part of my research into the bands of the USA, I currently have details of nearly 80 such bands – and there would have been many more – supporting the various travelling entertainment shows. This list was shared with Windjammers.

For the circus bands list, see:

For further details of Windjammers and Circus Fanfare, see:


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