The brass bands of Boroughbridge

There is no longer a brass band in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, but it did enjoy the music of a number of local bands in the town from around 1855 until the last one disbanded in 1955. Aldborough is a village adjacent to Boroughbridge which has shared some of its musical endeavours. Little remains of these bands, a few memories, a few pictures and the odd appearance in the local newspapers.



Aldborough Brass Band – this was active in 1864.

Aldborough & Boroughbridge Brass Band – Active in 1873, when it was described as being “only young” – so it was probably formed in the early 1870’s. However there was a Boroughbridge Brass Band in the 1850’s, so perhaps this was a successor band. It was still active as Boroughbridge Brass Band in the late 1880’s. Conductor was T. Archer in 1877.

Boroughbridge Brass Band (1) – This was active in 1857 to 1887. A successor band was formed in 1894.

Boroughbridge Brass Band (2) – Founded in 1894, its first public appearance was at Christmas 1894.



Boroughbridge British Legion Band – Founded after WW1. In 1929 its conductor was Harry W. Hill and its founder was Johnny Pickering. It disbanded in 1955. After WW2, when the band reformed, clothing coupons were gathered from the townsfolk of Boroughbridge which helped the band to acquire its first uniforms around 1946. After it disbanded the instruments were stored for a while by the British Legion Club in Boroughbridge until they were finally sold off some time thereafter.




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