Worcester Brass Band, Massachusetts

The Worcester Cornet Band, Massachusetts, was originally founded some time before 1852. It disbanded during the Civil War when most of the band signed up with the 15th Massachusetts Regiment Band for the duration of the hostilities. Nathum P. Goddard was leader at that time. After the War, Goddard returned to Worcester and founded the Worcester Brass Band, which was still active into the 1930’s. The conductor was Thomas C. Richardson in 1870-1881, with 24 players in 1878.


Worcester Cornet Band

At a band festival at Rocky Point, Rhode Island in August 1878 their contribution to the music was a march, a selection from Norma (Bellini), waltz Leitartikel (Strauss), and selection from William Tell (Rossini). The other bands involved were Dodworth’s Band (New York), American Band (Providence), Germania Band (Boston), Medford 5th Regiment Band, and the Leominster Band.

In February 1883 it performed at a Costume and Skating Carnival in Worcester.

Worcester MA 1883


Skating could be dangerous!

The band’s leader was L.D. Waters in 1887-1895, and F.W. Clement in 1900-1932. Charles G. Marcy was a member in the 1890’s.


Another band in the town was the Worcester City Band. It is not known what association it had with the Worcester Brass Band.


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