The long and short of it

Some months ago there was a brief discussion about which was the longest brass band name. I looked into my database and came up with the following top four from past and current bands:

  • Alexandra Band of the Carriage and Wagon Department of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
  • Port of Hull Society’s East Coast Mission and Sailor’s Orphan Home and School Band
  • London, Brighton and South Coast Railway Operatives Literary Society Brass Band
  • National Union of Operative Boot and Shoe Rivetters and Finishers Brass Band (an earlier name for Northampton Shoe Trade Brass Band)

Hull Sailors’ Orphan Home Band

As for the shortest name, there are several contenders – ff you leave off the “brass” and/or “band” then there are a number of three-letter candidates after the winner “BT”: Ark, Ash, BD1, BTM, Cam, Cwm, Ely, Eye, GEC, GUS, Hay, HFC, Hoo, Ide, Ivy, J36, KES, Lee, LGB, Moy, Old, Ore, PCA, Rye, Ton, UDI, Ury, Wem, Wye, and YBS. (not an exhaustive list).
With “band” or “brass” in the name the winner is still “BT Band”.


Hoo Band – 1912


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