Scunthorpe Borough Boys’ Juvenile Band

Scunthorpe Borough Boys’ Juvenile Band 1945

The Scunthorpe Borough Boys’ Juvenile Band was formed in May 1944 following a meeting between William Richards and Mr. D.J.K. Quibell, M.P., where it was agreed to establish a junior band in the town. Instruments were provided by the generosity of the directors of Sir Lindsay Parkinson & Co., a large civil engineering company – one of whose later projects was to build the country’s first motorway, the Preston Bypass.

The band was conducted by William Richards, who had a long record of brass band experience with bands such as Mansfield Colliery Band, Crookhall Band, South Elmsall Band, and the Scunthorpe British Legion Band. It was originally hoped that this band would eventually result in a senior Scunthorpe Borough Band  – but that did not happen (at least not in the way that was proposed). Officers of the band at its formation were: Mr. Webster (Assistant Secretary), Councillor Hutchinson (Treasurer), D.J.K. Quibell, M.P. (President), and Councillor Ablett (Secretary).

The band had hoped to enter a contest at Leicester in 1945, but this did not come about. In early 1946 W.H. Kendall took over the conductorship of the band. He was also the conductor of the Scunthorpe Borough Band – which had originally been the Scunthorpe Defence Band, formed during WW2 with players from the various local civil defence organisations. The boys’ band, by default, then became the “Junior Borough Band.”

Trevor Leaning (aged 12 in 1947) was one of their solo cornet players. G. Ursell became conductor of the band in early 1948, and it was still performing in 1949, though there was no news of it after that time.

The band had folded by early 1951 when the instruments were sold to the new St Hugh’s School Brass Band in Scunthorpe.

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