Eating people is wrong – blow a trombone instead

Report from the Musical Times, March 1920

The Catholic Mission of Yule Island, Papua (a Mission once supported by France and Belgium, but now exceedingly impoverished), is anxious to introduce brass band playing among the cannibals of the main range, where much of their work is done.

It is found that brass instruments subdue much of the dangerous energy of these people, and supply the excitement and amusement formerly furnished by a head-hunting raid. When Christianised, and consequently induced to cease from hunting, cooking and eating his neighbour, the wild Papuan of the hills is apt to find life a trifle dull, and the Catholic Mission of Yule Island, with characteristic common-sense, sets itself to fill the gap as far as possible.

If any reader of the Musical Times has any good, noisy brass or other instrument that he has no further use for, he may be assured that it will do excellent missionary work at the far ends of the earth, if he will take the trouble of sending it, carriage paid, by any of the parcel agencies, or by parcel post, according to size, to Yule Island, Papua

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