Maidenhead Town Silver Band

As an unofficial temporary archivist for brass band material (i.e. until a National Brass Band Archive is re-established), I was approached by Gordon Stanley to safeguard some photos of his grandfather’s band that he no longer had room for. We had hoped to meet up during his recent visit to the northern shires, but this trip was cancelled. Sadly, last week, I had to travel to Devon for my uncle’s funeral, but managed to meet up with Gordon en route as we passed by on the M5.

His grandfather, William Henry Stanley, conducted the Maidenhead Town Silver Band in the 1920s and 1930s, with his father also playing in the band. Before WW1 W.H. Stanley served with the 58th Battery, Royal Artillery in his 20’s later playing bugle with the 1st Berkshire Rifle Volunteers (G Company, Maidenhead) Bugle & Fife Band.

The Maidenhead Town Silver Band was founded in summer 1876 as Maidenhead Brass Band (the third of that name since 1855). It was active through to the 1930’s. Conductor was W.J. Harris in 1893-1896, L.P. Connor in 1899, J. Busby in 1900-1903, William Henry Stanley in 1925-1932. Later known as Maidenhead Town Band. In 1893 the officers were: president, J.F. Simpson; treasurer, W. Gibbons; secretary, J.C. Smith. Henry William Janes was a member at the time of his death in March 1904.

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