Anston Brass Band

Anston Brass Band (North Anston, Yorkshire)

First known in 1895, conducted by George Ross. Also known as Aston Anvil Brass Band and, in the 1930’s, as Anston [United] Silver Band. After WW2 it was conducted in turn by Robert Ross (1949-1950), Maldwyn Lewis (1951-1953). It disbanded some time before summer 1954. However it seems to have been revived, as S.A. Marsh (latterly of Aston Parish Band) was appointed bandmaster of Anston Silver Band in spring 1955. A later conductor was K. Ray (1963-1966).

Members c.1910, shown here in the photo, are: W. Stacey (cornet), T. Turgoose (cornet), H. Waring (cornet), T. Chambers (cornet), H. Barton (cornet), D. Cooper (bass drum), H. Dixon (baritone), G. Plant (baritone), H. Lidget (euphonium), H. Turner (tenor horn), A. Storey (tenor horn), B. Clarke (trombone), G. Goodall (trombone), H. Turner (trombone), W. Mirfin (cornet & conductor), H. Brammer (Eb bass), G. Swift (Eb bass), and T. Riley (BBb bass).

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