Bath Post Office Band

A few years ago, on a trip to Bath, I visited the local record office to view any documents on brass bands. A receipt for the hire of oil lamps and an account sheet for a charitable concert led me to the Bath Post Office Band and, although there was little else in the archive of relevance, it allowed me to dig further into the story of this band. Over the years there have been some 50 or so bands associated with the British Post Office – from Aberdeen to Exeter. The Bath Post Office Band existed for about 40 years from the early 1890’s, endorsed and supported by the local postmaster, and consisting of his employees. This paper below gives some details of the band and lists the other postal bands that have entertained their communities.

See: Bath Post Office Band – forty years of support by the Postmasters of Bath – an example of some 50 similar postal bands in the British Isles

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