Lynn and Lynda – two ‘dainty’ brass musicians

Unfortunately, the full names or true identities of “Lynn and Lynda” have yet to be discovered. These two multi-instrumental brass performers appeared first as a double act in 1918. They certainly made a hit with the audiences and continued to tour, as a single act, sometimes as part of a revue, or even providing music and acting in stage plays, through to 1932. There was apparently a gap of 3½ years between 1924 and 1927 when it seems they were not performing, only for them to return to the stage in 1928 and, later that year, taking in a third performer – a dancer and vocalist – to make up the “Lynn and Lynda Trio.” The rest of their story is a mystery, at least for now.

The full list of Lynn & Lynda’s performances is available in the paper here:

Lynn and Lynda – 14 years of touring and treading the boards for two ‘dainty’ brass musicians

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