A Yorkshire military band in New Brunswick, Canada

The East Yorkshire Regiment, originally raised in 1685, and also known as the 15th Regiment of Foot (York East Riding), saw service in Martinique and Guadeloupe in 1795 and 1809. It was shipped to New Brunswick in 1862, when Britain and the USA came close to war, where this photograph of the regimental band was taken. They were garrisoned at Fredericton and Saint John. A less usual band portrait, showing individual members pictures – a new photographic technique that became the rage for a while, for some group photographs.

15th Regiment (York East Riding) Band – 1862

The regiment also provided staff and drill instructors for the New Brunswick Militia’s 1865 “Camp of Instruction”, and some mention of the band is found in their activities there.

Following the training and platoon exercises, a grand review of the militia brigade was held on July 22 1865. Hundreds of civilians watched as the brigade, commanded by Colonel J. Amber Cole of the 15th Regiment, marched past in quick time led by the regulars. Following various manoeuvres they marched back to barracks in close columns, “to the soul-inspiring music of the band.” The militia force and the band of the 15th participated in a March Out under the commandant on 24 July.

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Here are some much later pictures of the East Yorkshire Regiment Band from the 20th century – thanks to http://carneyeyr.blogspot.com for some of these.

East Yorkshire Regiment Band, c. 1905
A Company, East Yorkshire Regiment, with band, c. 1911
East Yorkshire Regiment Band, 1916

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