Bandwagons – transports of delightful sounds

Most photographs of bands of the 19th and early 20th centuries show them posed formally in several rows, or perhaps informally in a loose grouping. Occasionally they will be pictured ‘in action’ marching, performing on the street, in a park or elsewhere. It is rare for bands to be photographed in or by their band wagon – typically only 1% of such images feature the band in or on some form of conveyance.

Many bands have used all sorts of transports to move them from one place to another, usually from their home to their performance location. Bandwagons or band chariots were specifically used or built for the band to perform in on the move. The article linked below gives a pictorial view of some of these ‘transports of delightful sounds’.

Sterling Cornet Band, Illinois, 1875

Transports of delightful sounds – a photographic exploration of the band wagons of 19th and early 20th century American town bands

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