A Battersea Band Mystery

Ten years ago, I remarked on two images of the Bolton Borough Prize Band which had a phantom player (see: https://ibewbrass.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/a-bolton-band-mystery/)

A similar question arises with the two photographs of the Battersea Borough Prize Band. One contains the image of a child (a girl perhaps?) leaning on the bass drum. In the second picture she has been removed. She was probably the daughter of one of the players, who insisted on being in the photo. At some point the Band decided that her presence detracted from the formal nature of the picture and obtained a “clean” version.

Not much is known about the Band – certainly none of the players’ names have been found, so the identity of the child is even more unknown. The Band was active in the early 1890’s through to the 1920’s. It bought a new set of Besson instruments, costing £295, in October 1904, with conductor Tom Morgan and secretary F.W. Baker (who also took the photograph). So, perhaps, this was the occasion of the photo session?

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