Aboriginal Peoples’ Brass Bands in Canada

I recently discovered more about some of the indigenous peoples’ brass bands of North America. Some years ago, Brian Stride established a research project for the brass bands in British Columbia, Canada. This included a number of bands of the First Nations peoples, which were often linked to religious organisations or various institutions. See: History of Brass Bands in British Columbia – http://www.vabbs.org/hist_bb_bc.php

On the other side of the continent, in Labrador and Newfoundland, there is a long tradition of Inuit brass bands associated with the Moravian Church. Mark Turner is a historian and facilitor who is combining his historical research with various projects to keep the musical traditions alive in the communities. See also: Labrador Moravian Inuit Brass Band Workshop – https://brassbandworkshop.com

Here are two examples of early Inuit bands, playing in Nain, Labrador.

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