ghthumb21This blog is an ad hoc collection of postings about some of the background, sources and news related to research in the history of brass bands, as collated in the IBEW website.

The IBEW is the major reference source on the internet for brass bands history – as well as material and directories relating to the world of brass bands and brass musicianship today.

Gavin Holman created the IBEW in 1997 and the site now contains details of over 20,000 brass bands and over 18,000 images of vintage brass bands. A comprehensive brass bands bibliography is only one of many other resources freely available via the site.

There is also an active Facebook group “The History of Brass Bands” where people can post and discuss any aspects of banding history. See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/145016798904992/

Contributions and material relating to the brass bands of the past are always welcome to add to the IBEW online resources.

Various documents, articles and books about the history of brass bands are available for download from my Academia site – gavinholman.academia.edu/research

3 Responses to About

  1. Trevor Brook says:

    You may like to know I have a 1907 photo of Albury Brass Band on our website, about half way down:
    – The thriving Albury Brass Band or Silver Band, here in 1907, had over 25 members and was active until the First World War.
    Congratulations on your excellent indexing work!
    Best regards,
    Trevor Brook
    Hon Treasurer and Website Editor
    Albury History Society

  2. Ricardo says:

    Hello, I am a spanish old photos collector. I often sell pictures out of muy preferences.
    I have found in Bilbao 2 old photos of a Scottish Band. This message is for the blogger, not to be published.
    Regards from Basque Country.


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