Mirror, Mirror – two faces of the Norwich Co-op Band

On Saturday 27th September 1913, the National Brass Band Championship Contests were held at the Crystal Palace. These consisted of six brass band sections, a military band section, a reed band section, and a boys’ band section. The Norwich Co-operative Prize Band, entered the Reed Band contest – although it could also have competed in the Military Band section. They managed to obtain 4th place against their opponents.

As was, as still is, common, a photograph of the band was taken at the contest to record the event. Such pictures were often turned into postcards for promotional material for the bands in the early 20th century. What is more unusual in this case is the fact that two sets of postcards were produced, one being a mirror image of the other.

The original “correct” photograph
The mirror version

There are various examples of ‘altered’ band photographs from this period, with players added or removed, but this is the first known one where a published mirror image has been produced.

The results of the two ‘non-brass’ contests at the Crystal Palace in 1913 were:

Military Band Section: 1. 5th Battalion The Buffs; 2. Hanney’s Military; 3. Reading Temperance; 4. 6th Battalion Welsh Regiment

Reed Band Section: 1. Birmingham Friends’ Institute; 2. Kidderminster Military ;3. 5th Essex; 4. Norwich Co-operative Society Prize Band

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Cooking with Brass

One form of raising funds is to produce a recipe book of favourites from the members and their families of an organisation, and then sell the resulting collection. This has certainly happened here in the UK, but is a much more significant endeavour in the USA. Particularly in the case of bands (and here we’re talking mainly about school and college bands) where these books are common.

I have come across two such books from non-USA bands –

Cook Book – Mazol Temple Oriental Band, Newfoundland, Canada

Celebrity Cookbook – Marching Koalas, Hunter Region High School Band, New South Wales, Australia, 1991

The following pictures illustrate a few examples of these culinary works, together with a list of over 120 other such books that I have encountered – I am sure there are many, many more to be documented!

  • 1st Division Recipes – Overton Mustang Sweepstakes Band, Overton, TX, USA, 1994
  • A Book of Favorite Recipes – Shikellamy Band Association, Shikellamy, PA, USA, 1985
  • A Collection of Recipes from the Happy Valley High School Warrior Band – Elizabethton, TN, USA, 2002
  • A Medley of Recipes – Book 2, Plymouth-Canton Marching Band Boosters, MI, USA, 1993
  • A Recipe Treat You Just Can’t Beat – Lemon-Monroe Band, Monroe, OH, USA, 1976
  • A Symphony of Chefs – Vestavia Hills High Rebel Band, Vestavia Hills, AL, USA, 2010
  • A Symphony of Good Tastes – Camden Rockport High School Band, Rockport, ME, USA, 1995
  • Auburndale Sr. High School Band Cookbook – Auburndale, WI, USA, 1993
  • Band Geeks in the Kitchen – Frazee High School Band, Frazee, MN, USA, 2011
  • Band of Knights Cookbook – North Lincoln High School, Lincolnton, NC, USA, 2013
  • Boulder’s High Traditions – Boulder High School Band Recipe Collection, Boulder, CO, USA, 1978
  • Butter ‘n Love Recipes – Church of Daniel’s Band, Beaverton, MI, USA, 1985
  • Cherry Creek Marching Band Cookbook – Cherry, Creek, CO, USA, 1982
  • Chief’s Choice II – Marching Chiefs [Orange Bowl January 1 1974], University of Wisconsin La Crosse, WI, USA, 1974
  • Clovis High School Band Booster Cookbook – Clovis, CA, USA, 1991
  • Cook Book – Hartland Band Mothers, Hartland, WI, USA, 1950
  • Cook Up Something Special – Raytown South High School Southern Regiment Marching Band, Raytown, MO, USA
  • Cookin’ to the Beat, Again! – Shelby Whippet Band, Shelby, OH, USA, 2010
  • Cookin’ to the Tune of Highland Band – Ewing, MO, USA, 1986
  • Cookin’ with the Tiger Band – Terrell Band Parents, Terrell, TX, USA, 1992
  • Cooking in the Blue Ridge – Carroll County Cavalier Band, Hillsville, VA, USA
  • Cooking Musicians – Uniontown Red Raider Band, Uniontown, PA, USA, 1996
  • Cooking Notes – Jackson Band Boosters, Jackson, CA, USA, 1974
  • Cooking on the Upbeat – Woodlawn Band Parents Association, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, 1984
  • Cooking to the Music – Shelbyville Central High School Band, Shelbyville, TN, USA, 1994
  • Cooking with a Beat – Mercer High School Band, Mercer, PA, USA, c. 1985
  • Cooking with Class – Webster High School Marching Band, Webster, NY, USA, 1996
  • Cooking with Grantsburg High School Marching Band – Grantsburg, WI, USA, 1993
  • Cooking with the Band Of Blue – C.R. Jefferson Band Of Blue, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA, 1992
  • Cooking with the Cary High School Band – Cary, NC, USA, 1974
  • Cooking with the Colonel – William Fleming Band, Roanoke, VA, USA, 1989
  • Cooking with the Sparta High School Band – Sparta, IL, USA, 1985
  • Dawg Food:  A Taste of the Pride – W.C.H.S. Band Boosters, Chatom, AL, USA, 2009
  • Eat to the Beat – Needham B. Broughton High School Band, Raleigh, NC, USA, 2010
  • Elizabeth Forward Warrior Band Cookbook – Elizabeth, PA, USA, 1996
  • Encore Cookbook – Homestead High School Band Parents, Mequon, WI, USA, 2006
  • Favorite Cookie Recipes – Glencoe Band Boosters Club, Glencoe, MN, USA
  • Favorite Falcon Recipes – Salisbury Falcon Band Association, Allentown, PA, USA, 1980
  • Favorite Recipes Cookbook – Deer Valley “Skyhawk” Marching Band, Glendale, AZ, USA, 1993
  • Favorite Recipes dedicated by family & friends – Mesquite High School Mighty Maroon Band, TX, USA, 2001
  • Favorite Recipes from our Best Cooks – Charleroi Area Band Boosters, PA, USA, 1987
  • Favorite Recipes from our Best Cooks – North Garland High School Band Boosters, TX, USA, 1982
  • Favorite Recipes from our Best Cooks – Women’s Missionary Prayer Band, Catalina Heights Christian Union Church, Tucson, AZ, USA, 1976
  • Favorite Recipes from Tri-County Band Boosters – Remington, IN, USA, 1991
  • Favorite Recipes Presents Kitchen Auditions, a Cook Book, for Bands and Cheering Squads – Southwestern Publishing House, Inc., USA, 1976. ISBN: 0871971054
  • Fiesta Bowl Festival Cookbook – It’s a Matter of Pride, Emporia High School Spartan Marching Band, Emporia, KS, USA, 1983
  • Frazee-Vergas High School Band Cookbook – Frazee, MN, USA, 2016
  • Gentry Band Booster Cookbook – Gentry, AR, USA, 1989
  • Green Beret Marching Band Cookbook – Janesville, WI, USA, 1996
  • Green Run Marching Stallions Cullinary Treasures – Green Run High School, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, 1990
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Favorite Island Recipes – Volume VI, Kamehameha Schools Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 2003
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Favorite Island Recipes – Volume VIII, Kamehameha Schools Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 2007
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Old Favorites – Volume I, Kamehameha Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 1985
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Old Favorites – Volume II, Kamehameha Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 1986
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Old Favorites – Volume III, Kamehameha Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 1988
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Old Favorites – Volume IV, Kamehameha Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 1991
  • Hawaiian Medley: A Cookbook of Old Favorites – Volume V, Kamehameha Band Booster Club, Hawaii, USA, 1998
  • Home Cookin’ is a Family Affair – Tenaha Band, Tenaha, TX, USA, 1991
  • Home Cookin’ – North Rowan Band Association, Spencer, NC, USA, 1993
  • Home Made Kitchen Magic – A.J. McMullen Band Parents Association, Markleysburg, PA, USA, 1968
  • Hubbard’s Choicest Recipes – Hubbard Band Mothers, Hubbard, IA, USA, 1950
  • Hungry Like a Wolf – Lake Hamilton Bands, Pearcy, AR, USA, 2001
  • Husky Tidbits – North Marion High School Band Cookbook, Farmington, WV, USA, 1988
  • Kitchen Klassics – Herman-Norcross Band Boosters, Herman, MN, USA
  • Kitchen Notes – W.M.H.S. Band, 1995
  • Longview’s Recipe Roundup – Lobo Band Booster Club, Longview, TX, 1954
  • Marching Cats Recipes – Littlefield High School Band, Littlefield, TX, USA, 1997
  • Marching Thru’ the Kitchen – Lakeland Marching Viking Band Boosters, MO, USA
  • Masterpieces from our Kitchen – Bullard Bands, Bullard, TX, USA, 2003
  • Masterpieces from our Kitchen – Durham Band Families, Durham, TX, USA, 1974
  • Masterpieces from our Kitchen – Soddy Daisy High School Band, Soddy-Daisy, TN, USA, 1999
  • Masterpieces from our Kitchen – Winston Churchill Charger Band, San Antonio, TX, USA, 2005
  • MH Band Booster Cookbook – Mountain Home, AR, USA, 2009
  • Music for the Mouth Cookbook – Green County Band, KY, USA, 1995
  • Music for your Mouth – Heritage High School Band Cookbook, Conyers, GA, USA, 1999
  • Musicali Chef – Arlington Heights High School Band, Fort Worth, TX, USA, 2008
  • Neshoba Central Band: Drums Up Recipes – Volume 1, Neshoba, MS, USA, 1993
  • Notable Recipes – Brookwood Bronco Marching Band, Snellville, GA, USA, 1995
  • Note Worthy Recipes – Waverly-Shell Rock High School Band, Waverly, IA, USA, 2008
  • Notes from our Kitchen Cookbook – Walton Band & Orchetra Parents, Marietta, GA, USA, 1996
  • Notes from Our Kitchen – Moeller Crusader Band Boosters, Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • Notes to Cook by – North Rowan Band Association, Spencer, NC, USA, 1984
  • Noteworthy Cooking – Pelham High School Band, Pelham, AL, USA, 1994
  • Noteworthy Recipes – Alton Band & Orchestra Builders, Alton, IL, USA, 1992
  • O’Fallon Band Booster Secret Recipes – O’Fallon, IL, USA
  • Our Favorite Recipes – Sheffield High Band Boosters, Sheffield, AL, USA
  • Panther’s Delight – Mountain Grove Band Aides, MO, USA, 1977
  • Patron’s Pantry Cook Book – Patriot Marching Band, Appleton High School East, Appleton, WI, USA, 1976
  • Paving the Road to Carnegie Hall: Big Spring High School Cookbook – Big Spring, TX, USA, 2005
  • Polka Menu Recipes Old and New – Good Times Band Club, Manchester, CT, USA, 1987
  • Pope Band Cookbook – Alan C. Pope High School Band, Marietta, GA, USA, 2003
  • Pride of Pittsburg Pirate Band Cookbook – Pittsburg, TX, USA, 1996
  • Prize Recipes of Harrisburg – Central Dauphin Band Boosters, Harrisburg, PA, USA, 1982
  • Prospect Band Boosters Cookbook – Prospect, IL, USA, 1981
  • Recipe Roundup – Sioux Falls Roosevelt Rough Rider Band, Sioux Falls, SD, USA, 1995
  • Recipes on Parade – Plainfield Band Boosters, Plainfield, IL, USA, 1988
  • Recipes to Remember – Marching Band of Oakland Community High School, Oakland, CA, USA
  • Recipes to Remember – Sequim High School Band Boosters, Sequim, WA, USA, 2002
  • Recipes with Rhythm – New Athens Junior & Senior Band, New Athens, IL, USA, 2005
  • Ridgeroad Junior High Band Cookbook – Charlotte, NC, USA, 1983
  • Rosy Recipes – Minot State College Beaver Marching Band, Minot, ND, USA, 1968
  • Sharing Our Best – Raton Band Boosters, Raton, NM, USA, 1992
  • Sharing Recipes – Central High School Golden Lion Marching Band, Carrollton, GA, USA, 1987
  • Sharing Recipes – Hughes Spring Mustang Band Boosters, Hughes Spring, TX, USA, 1988
  • Sharing Recipes – Tecumseh High School Band Boosters, Tecumseh, MI, USA, 1986
  • Silver Spirit Specialities – Dutch Fork High School Silver Spirit Marching Band, Irmo, SC, USA, 2002
  • Simley Band… We’re Cookin’! – Inner Grove Heights, MN, USA, 1984
  • Snack-Time Symphony – Morning Sun Band Mothers, Morning Sun, IA, USA, 1956
  • Sounds Delicious – Texas A&M Aggie Band, TX, USA, 1994
  • The Field Royal Guardsmen Cook Book – Brimfield, OH, USA, 1984
  • The GRC Band Company Front Cookbook – [George Rogers Clark], Winchester, KY, USA, 1978
  • The Melody of Food – McEachern High School Marching Band, Powder Springs, GA, USA, 2000
  • The Pride of Parkway West Marching Band Cookboo – Saint Louis, MO, USA, 1992
  • The Ram Cooks – Elsik Ram Band Boosters, Houston, TX, USA, 1981
  • Treasured Recipes from the Ft. McCoy Band Boosters – Fort McCoy, FL, USA, 1994
  • Treasured Recipes from the Marching Pirates – Brunswick High School Band, Brunswick, GA, USA
  • Treasured Recipes – Central Davidson Band Boosters, Lexington, NC, USA, 1987
  • Trouble Free Treble Chef – Grainger County Band Boosters, Rutledge, TN, USA, 2013
  • We’re Really Cookin’! – Senatobia Warrior Band, Senatobia, MS, USA, 1978
  • West Geuaga Band Aides Cookbook – Chesterland, OH, USA, 1979
  • West Iredell Band of Warriors Favorite Recipes – Statesville, NC, USA, 1984
  • What’s Cookin’? In Bulldog Territory – Zephyrhills Band Boosters, FL, USA, 1977
  • What’s Cookin’? – Farwell Band Boosters, Farwell, TX, USA, 1977
  • Wildcat Band Cookbook – Scottsboro, AL, USA
  • Wildcat Bites – Great Bridge Band Parent Association, Chesapeake, VA, USA, 2012
  • Wolverine Cuisine: Mighty Wolverine Sound – [Wolverine Band Booster Association, Wellington, FL] – Morris Press Cookbooks, USA, 2009
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Three Edwardian brass bands

Here are three more bands of the past.

North Middlesex Silver Band – Formed around 1911 at Enfield’s famous Royal Small Arms Factory. The band wore a colourful military-style uniform, and before the Second World War enjoyed success in marching competitions and band contests, including fourth place at the National Championships. It merged with the Enfield Town Silver Prize Band in 1949, retaining the North Middlesex name until 1966, when it reverted to being the Enfield Brass Band, which is still active today.

St John’s Church Army Brass Band (Carlton Hill, Brighton) – Also known as St John’s Church Mission Band. Active in 1907 to WW1, founded by Captain Storey

Tytherington Brass Band (Glos) – Active in the 1890s to the late 1940s. Conductor J.E. Fidler, cornet E. Martin and euphonium Arthur Lynes in 1913. There was also the Tytherington Juniors’ Brass Band – active in 1913, conductor G. Dutfield. Frank Dutfield (his son) was a cornet player in the band

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Independent Cornet Band

This is the Independent Cornet Band, c. 1885-1890. Three of the members (Gerth & the Rosenkranzs) lived in Lomira, Wisconsin. It is assumed that the band was located somewhere around there. I have had no joy in identifying/locating the other members, but they are named as below (though the accuracy of the surnames should not be relied on – due to transcription ambiguities or simply alternative spellings).

Around this time there were other nearby bands in Theresa, Iron Ridge, Campbellsport and Horicon (as least). There was also a ladies cornet band in Fond du Lac and one in Waupun (in addition to its male band).

The members of the Independent Cornet Band were:

Standing: H. Marquart, W. Ehrhardt, M. Ehrhardt, F. Pampreir, E. Birk, D. Ehrhardt
Seated: ? Berkner, G. Messner, Aug. Marquart, Herman Rosenkranz, Henry Gerth, W. Happi, Henry Rosenkranz, Aug. Happi, Ed Ehrhardt

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Book: Maltese Wind Bands

Another new book on the history of bands, shortly to be published. “The Maltese Wind Band” describes the history and development of bands on the island together with their social and political values, the Maltese march, entertainment, and the recording industry.

This is an in-depth look at the musical life of Malta through the activities of its wind bands. Similar, in many ways, to other Mediterranean band traditions, Maltese bands have nonetheless a unique character, and have hitherto been largely overlooked. This book is a recommended read for anyone interested in the history of bands and their communities.

It is available to pre-order from the publisher: https://mcfarlandbooks.com/product/the-maltese-wind-band/

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Bands of the Legion of Frontiersmen

This photograph is the Legion of Frontiersmen Band (Cambridge Command), 1914. The band was originally that of the Cambridge University Officers’ Training Corps.

The Legion of Frontiersmen was founded in London in 1905 by Roger Pocock. Aiming to be a civilian field intelligence corps, it formed branches across the Commonwealth to prepare enlistees for war and to foster vigilance in peacetime. As a paramilitary organisation it never achieved official recognition, but various branches still exist today. Various units established bands, and these were primarily military bands in their instrumentation – no full brass Legion band has been identified.

Some more of the Legion’s bands are pictured below.

Further information:

  • Mather, Philip – The Legion of Frontiersmen Headquarters Band – International Military Music Society (UK Branch) Journal, Number 91, March 2012, pp. 10
  • Pocock, Geoffrey A. – Bands of the Legion of Frontiersmen 1904-1952 – International Military Music Society (UK Branch) Journal, Number 90, December 2011, pp. 14-15
  • Pocock, Geoffrey A. – One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen – Phillimore, Chichester, 2004. ISBN 978-1860772825
  • Pocock, Roger – Listen to the Band [Bands of the Legion of Frontiersmen] – The Frontiersman Historian – 29 February 2016
  • The Frontiersman Historian – https://frontiersmenhistorian.info/
Band of the Legion of Frontiersmen (Sheffield Squadron) – 1931
The Legion’s band at Salisbury, 1910
Canadian Legion of Frontiersmen Band, 1912
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A fanfare of orphans

The Fanfare des Orphelins de St-Georges-de-l’Isle was established in Saint-Fraimbault-de-Prières in 1924. A typical institutional children’s band of the time, it quickly gained popularity and travelled throughout France to perform and raise funds for the orphanage. Some details of its activities are given in my article, linked below:

Fanfare of Orphans (PDF)

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Basic Brass Band History Books

Wath & Bolton United Brass Band

Hundreds of books and thousands of articles have been written about the brass band movement, and it can be a daunting task for those wanting to find out more about the history of brass bands.

The list, below, consists of a selection of some of the major general books written in the last 100 years or so. Many of these are available in public libraries, and selecting a few at random would give anyone a reasonable start to the subject.

A comprehensive Brass Band Bibliography (v.15 – 11,150 entries) is also available as a PDF download here.

A number of my PDF articles and books are available for download on the IBEW Historical Research page.

General history of brass bands – mainly UK focus

  • Bainbridge, Cyril – Brass Triumphant – Frederick Muller, 1980 – ISBN: 0584103727
  • Boon, Brindley – Play the Music, Play! The Story of Salvation Army Bands – SP&S Publications – 1978
  • Brand, Violet – Brass Bands In The Twentieth Century – Egon, 1979 – ISBN: 0905858123
  • Brand, Violet & Brand, Geoffrey – The World of Brass Bands – Egon, 1986 – ISBN: 0905858360
  • Cook, Kenneth – Oh Listen To The Band – Hinrichsen – 1950
  • Cook, Kenneth – The Bandsman’s Everything Within – Hinrichsen – 1950
  • Cooper, T.L. – Brass Bands of Yorkshire – Dalesman Books, 1974 – ISBN: 0852061951
  • Hailstone, Alf – The British Bandsman Centenary Book: A Social History of Brass Bands – Egon, 1987 – ISBN: 0905858395
  • Herbert, Trevor – Bands: The Brass Band Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries – Open University Press, 1991 – ISBN: 0335097030
  • Herbert, Trevor – The British brass band a musical and social history – Oxford University Press, 2000. ISBN: 0198166982
  • Hind, Harold Charles – The Brass Band – Hawkes & Son, London, 1934
  • Holz, Ronald Walter and Steadman-Allen, Ray – Brass Bands of the Salvation Army – Their Mission and Music – Vol. 1 – Streets Publishers, Stotfold, 2006 – ISBN: 0955198847
  • Howarth, Elgar – What a Performance! – Robson Books – 1988
  • McLaren, Alan – The History of Midlothian’s Brass Bands – The Author, Loanhead, 2016
  • Newsome, Roy – Brass Roots: A Hundred Years of Brass Bands and Their Music, 1836-1936 – Ashgate, Aldershot, 1998 – ISBN: 1859281680
  • Newsome, Roy – The Modern Brass Band: From the 1930s to the New Millennium – Ashgate, Aldershot, 2006 – ISBN: 0754607178
  • Rose, Algernon S. – Talks With Bandsmen: A Popular Handbook for Brass Instrumentalists – Wm. Rider & Son – 1895
  • Russell, J.F. & Elliot, J.H. – The Brass Band Movement – Dent – 1936
  • Taylor, A.R. – Brass Bands – Granada Publishing, 1979 – ISBN: 0246110821
  • Taylor, A.R. – Labour And Love: An Oral History of the Brass Band Movement – Elm Tree Books, 1983 – ISBN: 0241111323
  • Taylor, Dennis – The Heritage of the North East Brass Band Movement – The Author, 2008

Bands in the U.S.A.

  • Hazen, Margaret Hindle & Hazen, Robert M. – Music Men: Illustrated History of Brass Bands in America – Smithsonian Institute – 1987
  • Smith, Brian F. – Bandstands To Battlefields: Brass Bands in 19th Century America – Corner House Historical Publications, Gansevoort, New York, 2004. ISBN:0879281383
  • Smith, Brian F. – The Town Brass Band – A Popular Movement of Mid-19th Century American Society – Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, Providence, Rhode Island, 2001


Andrews, Frank – Brass Band Cylinder and Non-microgroove Disc Recordings 1903-1960 – Piccolo Press, 1997 – ISBN: 1872203256
Gammond, Peter & Horricks, Raymond – Music on Record: Brass Bands – Patrick Stephens, 1980 – ISBN: 0850593662
Mutum, Tim – Brass Band Recordings – Egon – 1991

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The Women’s Work Exhibition Ladies’ Brass Band

This band, the first such to be organised in Australia, existed for a mere six months. Consisting of students, many of whom had never played a brass instrument before, it reached a good standard in time to perform at the five-week exhibition, which was held to celebrate the art and work of women in Australia.

Details of how they came to be the first Australian female brass band can be found in my paper, linked here:

Women’s Work Exhibition Ladies’ Brass Band

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The Maddern Family Band

Richard Maddern emigrated from England with his family in 1842. Settling in Buffalo, New York, he taught his children to play brass instruments, and formed a band with the five girls and two boys. Although they only toured for a couple of years, they built themselves a strong reputation in the theatres, and laid the foundations for musical and theatrical careers for them all in the future.

The story of their lives in England and America can be found in my paper, linked here:

Maddern Family Female Brass Band 1853-1855

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