A Scottish Catholic Band from 1881

This photograph is of an unknown band, dated 1881, which consisted of 24 players – 7 cornets, 1 flute, 1 piccolo, 1 clarinet, 2 tenor saxhorns, 1 bass saxhorn, 2 tenor trombones, 2 bass trombones, 1 euphonium, 1 bombardon, 1 double bass, 1 bass drum, 1 side drum, cymbals, and triangle.

The bandsmen’s names are written on the photograph, but many are incomplete or indistinct. The best interpretation of them is, from left:

Father Cownall, M. McMullen, T. Walsh, ? Spillane, D. Haggerty, L. Dalton, W. Hearne, Father Butler, G. Kelly, D. Molony, H. Ashton, ?, ? Bassett, W. Spillane, W.H. Donnell, J .Wrafter, W. O’Leary, J. Whitaker, J. Shillier, H. Kennedy, ?, ? Bernard, F. Stephenson, V. Doyle, Father O’Reilly

There were a good number of catholic bands in and around the Glasgow area in the 1880’s and 1890’s many associated with the immigrants from Ireland. Attempts so far to pin down the specific band, in relation to the named individuals, have not resulted in anything at all helpful.

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