One of the roles that the IBEW plays is to assist with family history research. Those that had bandsmen as ancestors may find pictures of them in the IBEW, and the Your Ancestors page is dedicated to the queries and searches for individuals or bands.

One recent correspondent was Maria from Australia, who has a copy of the picture of the Cobar Boys Band, below.  The postcard had been written to her grandfather, Leo Northcote, who was training to be a tailor around 1909 in East Orange, NSW. It was sent to him by one of his nephews, Willie Northcote, who was in the band [standing at the back in front of the post]. His uncle,  Walter John Northcote, was the bandmaster in uniform.

This is typical of the sort of information and link with the past that can provide great help to family historians. Sadly, in many cases there is no available information, and although something may be lurking in someone’s attic or a local archive somewhere, the best IBEW can do to help is to post the query.

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